Welcome back, everyone!

Two things today… first, use this file to analyze another student’s blog post:
a) answer each of the 4 questions, then
b) email the student who made the website, so they can make any necessary changes
c) once the changes are made, the website maker can email Mr.Hackl the file, adding the changes made to the comments section

Once finished, let’s keep working on the ‘Word Processing’ Unit…


Have fun skiing!

Good morning, all… the sunshine is good to see (and hopefully the snow will melt soon!)

Today, we’re getting into the ‘Word Processing’ unit. This link will take you to our Moodle site which contains the formative and summative items which you’ll be working on over the next 2 weeks or so. The ‘level’ you decide to take is entirely up to you… “Level 1” is for those of us who are just starting to use Microsoft Word, and want to improve skills. “Level 2” is for those of us who are quite comfortable using all the features of Microsoft Word, and area ready to put skills to use in practical ways.

Your choice!  But email Mr.Hackl which one you’re doing, so he knows how to help when you ask…

GOAL for completion:  March 28th (just before Easter break)

Good job on Friday selecting and starting your ‘Global Issues’ for your blogs. As you continue your research and article-readings, think of a “good question” that can be the issue that others will respond to… you want the question to be phrased in a way that gives people the ability to answer for themselves. [A topic like “Why Everyone Should Love Country Music” might be rephrased “What Type of Music is the Best”…

As a quick reminder, make sure to include on your post:
  > a Wordle of each of the 3 articles
  > the title and link to each of the 3 article
  > your views/thoughts, as reflected in what you read (use citations/quotations from the article, where possible)

Updating your site with the ‘Wordle’ images and “Is Typing Important Anymore?” blog post is good practise for your next summative assignment: posting about a ‘global issue’ so that others can respond. 

To find the articles you’ll need for the global issue, visit our school library page (on our main school site, at the very top right). From there, scroll down until you see the phrase “Global Issues in Context”…… then ‘search’ your topic [at top] or ‘browse your topics’ [at side].

Your blog post needs to contain:
  > 3 Wordle’s… from three theme-related articles you find
  > a post, which details what-the-issue-is and what-you-learned (or what-your-view) is, related to the articles you found
  > we’ll have a place ready for others to comment, too….

As promised, today is your second day to complete updates of your Portfolios from yesterday. Check yesterday’s information for details.

Now that the typing unit is finished, it is time to share your thoughts on your wordpress/google-sites page… You’ll be creating a new page/post that contains your well-read response to the question posed in this post’s title: “Are Typing Skills REALLY That Important Anymore?”.

After reading these two articles: “The Importance of Typing Skills” and “How Much Does Typing Speed Matter?“, find a third article on the topic (make sure you save/bookmark the web address), and create a blog post that has:

1. A Wordle (instructions here) for each article…. which also has above it the title of each article which has a link to the article.

2. Your response, with references to the article(s) for proof of your position.

We’ll use some of this Friday’s class to respond, so make-your-case!