In this unit so far, we’ve:
> completed the Resume Worksheet
> created 3 resumes: 1 ‘functional’, 1 ‘chronological’, and 1 ‘digital’

Now, your next step is to create a “Cover Letter“. It’s purpose is to
a) introduce you to your (hopefully) future boss, let them know you’ve attached your resume, and explain where you found the job
b) explain why you would be a “good fit”, explaining your qualifications, training, experience, personality, and general skills that would make you the best choice for the job
c) thank the employer for your time, and ask for an interview

When you write the actual letter, each letter is a separate paragraph. Look for sample cover letters here (or google search “examples of cover letters’)

To do this:
> first, visit, and find ANY TWO (2) jobs you’d really like to apply for
> then, create a cover letter for each job you’d like