Good morning, everyone!  Our busy week so far (Monday’s presentation; Tuesday’s burger sale; Wednesday’s ‘anti-bullying walk’) is starting to calm down… just in time for “part 2” of the “Job Search” unit! In case our Moodle server is taken offline, I’ll put the instructions here, instead. [But please hand in your work to Moodle… I’m checking that regularly]

PART TWO: Design Your Resume

Now that you’ve seen different styles of resumes, it’s your turn to create a resume (or modify one that you’ve already made before).

What to Do:

  • create a resume in EACH of these styles: 1) Functional, 2) Chronological  [save each as a separate file]
  • use this link to 3) create a ‘digital resume’
  • describe (on your portfolio page) which type of resume is “most appropriate” as you would apply for jobs this summer, and explain why (from what you read earlier this week in part one)

(other cool infographic resume ideas are here…)