Updating your site with the ‘Wordle’ images and “Is Typing Important Anymore?” blog post is good practise for your next summative assignment: posting about a ‘global issue’ so that others can respond. 

To find the articles you’ll need for the global issue, visit our school library page (on our main school site, at the very top right). From there, scroll down until you see the phrase “Global Issues in Context”…… then ‘search’ your topic [at top] or ‘browse your topics’ [at side].

Your blog post needs to contain:
  > 3 Wordle’s… from three theme-related articles you find
  > a post, which details what-the-issue-is and what-you-learned (or what-your-view) is, related to the articles you found
  > we’ll have a place ready for others to comment, too….