Today is the last official day of the unit. If you need some extra time to complete it, you’ll need to borrow time from your busy schedule (maybe during a spare or a noon hour with Hackl)… tomorrow we start the new unit!

So, what do you need to hand in for report card summatives?

1. The Microsoft Word file that has all of your ‘snips‘. FINAL NOTE: take one final ‘snip’ of the trophies page, as a summary of your work.

2. Your Excel file that shows your totals for each lesson (part g from the webpage here). Make sure to include your ’10 final timings’ as well. FINAL NOTE: create a bar graph to show your progress in this unit.

3. Use the ‘Statistics’ section in the TypingWeb program to analyze your typing. Write a 100 word paragraph on a new Microsoft Word file called “Analyzing My Typing” and explain:
> how the bar graphs show your areas of strength and areas for improvement
> how your timings have changed from ‘start’ to ‘finish’, and why

Use the HAND IN – Typing Unit link to zip these 3 files and hand them in.