As part of the course, you’ll be able to showcase your “best work” (which will be part of the summative work I grade for ‘report card marks’). You have a choice between creating a Google Site or a WordPress site to display your work. But which one should you choose?

Use this link to analyze the difference between the two, and then create a new site/blog (whichever you chose).  Then, send an email to Mr.Hackl…
a) explaining (with reasons, of course) why you chose what you did, and
b) the link to your site/blog

Hopefully our Moodle page has sent you an email; if so, you can ‘hand in’ your zipped folder today!

Moodle is working!!! So, we’ll hand in the work from yesterday (click here for a direct link) and start working on the “Day 2” work… our plan for the week is this:
1. Make the 3 Motivational Posters
2. Create an ‘online presence’ so others can vote on your favorite poster, and
3. Print out the ‘highest rated’ poster, for display in the classroom

If you need some help with logging in, just let Mr.Hackl know in class (or email him at